Cove Zarace (Gdinj), Croatia - holiday information

Zarace – Gdinj – the island of Hvar

This is a small and quiet bay on the northern  coast of the island. The cove can be reached by car following a paved road. This place is beautiful and perfect for relaxing body and soul, and it is an ideal place for a family vacation. There is a beautiful gravely beach in the cove, where you can enjoy the clear sea and sunbathing. In the nearby cove Pokrivenik there is a restaurant where you can get refreshments, and there is also a restaurant in the bay that is open during the season. During the summer season, a lot of sailboats anchor at the bay and enjoy this beautiful cove. In the village Gdinj, not far from the bay, there is a store where you can do your shopping, and shops and bakeries are also located in the nearby town of Jelsa. You can have fun at the dances, which are held every Saturday at the hotel in Jelsa and Pokrivenik, in a beautiful friendly atmosphere.

Cove Zarace (Gdinj) – basic information

Cove Zarace (Gdinj) – population: 20

Distance from bigger centres

Cove Zarace (Gdinj)- Split: 53km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Pula: 572km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Rijeka: 466km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Zadar: 210km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Šibenik: 140km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Dubrovnik: 187km, Cove Zarace (Gdinj) - Zagreb: 463km

Possibility of accomodation

apartments, hotels



Gastronomic offer


Additional offer

promenade along the sea, marina in the nearby

Cove Zarace (Gdinj) – why choose this destination

clean sea, beautiful beaches, long promenades along the sea, pine wood by the beach, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, interesting diving sites, long cycling routes and walking tracks, possibility for departures on interesting trips, possibility for sailing around islands