Brusje, Croatia - holiday information

Brusje Hvar, Croatia – visitor information

Brusje is a village on the outskirts of the town of Hvar. The settlement is not at sea, but only 2 km from the village there are beautiful bays such as bay Jagodina, Pribinja, Lozna and many others. In Brusje  you will experience the rural atmosphere of the island.

Otherwise, the place is famous for its wine production, olive oil and rosemary, different kinds of honey, and absolutely beautiful lavender fields. Hvar lavender is the best in Europe, because it is produced entirely in an ecological manner.

Brusje – basic information

Brusje – population: 206, Brusje - day/ saint: saint : Juraj, 23.04.

Distance from bigger centres

Brusje - Makarska. 117km, Brusje- Split: 55km, Brusje - Pula: 567km, Brusje - Rijeka: 470km, Brusje - Zadar: 210km, Brusje - Šibenik: 145km, Brusje - Dubrovnik: 193km, Brusje - Zagreb: 463km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms


pebble, stone

Facilities and authorities

self-service shops, post office, exchange office

Brusje – why choose this destination

peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, possibility for getting familiar with the life of people and local customs

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